The Madison County Election Commission is made up of 5 commissioners representing each of the 5 supervisors' districts. The job of each commissioner is to uphold the election law and see that the elections (general, special and run-off) are conducted in an honest and fair manner. It is our duty to prepare the ballots, man the polling locations, certify the election and purge the voter rolls. Primary elections are overseen by the respective county party and the Madison County Election Commissioners are not involved with these elections.

You can help the Madison County Election Commissioners keep the voter rolls updated by notifying us if you move or if a family member had passed away.

  • To speak to someone call: 601-859-4365 (Circuit Clerk's office)
  • Or call: 601-790-2543 (Election Commissioner's office)

A great way to get involved, or just to understand the election process, is to sign up to become a poll worker.

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker on election days ($200) contact your election commissioner or leave a message at the election commissioner's office. We are always looking for poll workers.

Helen Carney, Chairman District 1 769-572-2183
Barbara Gross District 2 769-572-2185
Pat Truesdale, Secretary District 3 769-572-1163
Anthony Denton District 4 601-645-2148
Leroy Lacy, Vice Chairman District 5 769-572-2168
Election Commission Board Attorney: Spence Flatgard

Voter Information

  • Voters must register at least 30 days prior to the election.
  • For your vote to count, you must be registered in Madison County and you should vote at the precinct where you live.  If you have moved from one location to another in Madison County, but have not changed your address with the Circuit Clerk, you should  still go to the precinct for the area in which you live.  Your name will not be on the Poll Book at that location but you should vote by affidavit.  After the polls close, all affidavits are reviewed by the Election Commission. Once your name is found on the Madison County voter rolls, the Election Commissioners will then verify your information. Once your information is found to be valid, your vote will be counted and your information will be updated in the system.  
  • Find Your Precinct (Click here)
  • If you need to update your information you may call the Circuit Clerk or (click here) and you can print out the form and mail it in.
  • Absentee ballots should be available 45 days prior to the election.

Poll worker Information

  • Contact the Election Commissioners for the date and time of the next poll worker training class.

Candidate Information

  • Interested candidates may contact the Circuit Clerk's office for information.