County Court / Youth Court

Judge Ed Hannan
128 West North Street
P.O. Box 1626
Canton, MS 39046

Office: (601) 855-5626
Fax: (601) 855-5706

Prosecuting Attorney:

Lindsey Herr, Esq. 
(601) 573-5662

Guardian Ad Litems and Defense Counsel in Youth Court

LaTanya "LT" Allen, Esq.

Joshua Coe, Esq.

Danny Spivey

Youth Services Division:

Alicia K. Louisville, Youth Court Administrator
P.O. Box 592
Canton, MS  39046
(601) 855-5682

Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator

Amy Nisbett, Esq.

Family Drug Court Coordinator

Jamie Ballard, Esq.

Driving Directions

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