Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, MS



August 7, 2017
9:00 a.m



    1. Approve July 17, 2017 Board Minutes




        1. Notices to Increase Assessment Click Here
        2. Objections to the 2017 Real / Personal Tax Rolls


        1. HR - Approve Personnel Matters Click Here
        2. CA - Acknowledge CMPDD Mid Year Report Click Here
        3. CA - Approve 2018 Beaver Control Assistance Program and Authorize Payment Thereof Click Here
        4. CA - Approve Proposal and Authorize Payment for Valuation and Consulting Services / Integra Realty Resources / 2073 Main Street Madison MS Click Here
        5. CA - Acknowledge MASIT Coverage Document Click Here
        6. CA - Approve Stop Loss Insurance Renewal with Ironshore Indemnity Inc. Click Here
        7. CA - Approve Contract Renewal for Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance with Guardian Life Insurance Click Here
        8. CA - Approve Administrative Services Contract with BCBS for Self-Insured Healthcare Program Click Here
        9. CA - Authorize Travel and Expenses for Board of Supervisors, Chan. Clerk, Administrator, Comptroller and Attorney - 2017 MAS Fall Workshop, Vicksburg, MS, 10/17-19/2017 Click Here
        10. CHCLRK - Approve 16th Section Land Lease Contracts Click Here
        11. CHCLRK - Acknowledge Court Order Appointing and Setting Salary of Court Reporter Click Here
        12. CHCLRK - Approve Computer Software Support Agreement Addendum Delta Computer Systems Inc. Click Here
        13. Comptroller - Approve Computer Software Support Agreement Addendum with Delta Computer Systems Inc. Click Here
        14. Comptroller - Declare Property as Surplus and Authorize Disposal Click Here
        15. Comptroller - Approve Registration Fees / MSCPA 33RD Annual Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference / Voelkel / Hilliard / Hawkins / Gleason Click Here
        16. Comptroller - Approve Payroll Basics Registration Fees to Morgan White Group / Hawkins Click Here
        17. Comptroller - Approve Payment of Dues / MS Society of Certified Public Accountants / Voelkel / Hilliard / Vance Click Here
        18. EMA - Approve Quote by Office Innovations and Authorize Permission to grant 911 Funds to City of Madison for Dispatch Chairs Click Here
        19. EMA - Approve Reimbursement Kearney Park Fire Department in the Amount of $9,000.00 for the Purchase of Motorola Radios Click Here
        20. IT - Approve Contract for Cylance Virus Protection with Metrix Solutions Click Here
        21. Sherriff - Declare Vehicle as Surplus and Authorize to be Auctioned Click Here
        22. B & G - Acknowledge Authorization to Proceed with Project for Repairs Madison County Chancery Court Building by MDAH Click Here
        23. B & G - Approve use of Rogers Park / Blair Click Here
        24. B & G - Approve use of Courthouse Square / Amos Click Here
        25. B & G - Approve use of Rogers Park / Canton High Class of 2007 Click Here
        26. B & G - Approve use of Courthouse Square / Lampkin Click Here
        27. TA - Approve Computer Software Support Agreement Addendum with Delta Computer Systems Inc. Click Here
        28. TA - Approve Homestead Amended Applications Click Here
        29. TA - Approve Homestead Exemptions Deletions Click Here
        30. TA - Approve Real Property Increases / Various Years - Class 2 - Remove Homestead / Signed Click Here
        31. TA - Approve Real Property Decreases Click Here
        32. TA - Approve Real Property Increases / Signed Click Here
        33. TA - Approve LogMeIn Renewal Software Agreement and Payment Therof Click Here
        34. TA - Acknowledge and Approve Certificate Allowing Payment of Tax Assessor Norman Cannady Salary for the 2017 Real / Personal Property Tax Roll Click Here
        35. RD - Acknowledge July 2017 Monthly Report Click Here
        36. RD - Acknowledge July 2017 Closed Call Analysis Click Here
        37. RD - Acknowledge August 2017 Culvert Request Click Here
        38. RD - Acknowledge Service Request Schedule Summary Click Here
        39. RD - Acknowledge August 2017 Service Call Schedule Click Here
        40. RD - Approve Mowing Agreement Invoice #56 Click Here
        41. RD - Approve Cspire Utility Permit / Dewees Road and Stribling Road Click Here
        42. RD - Approve Cspire Utility Permit / Hathaway Lake Click Here
        43. RD - Approve AT&T Utility Permit / Lake Caroline Click Here
        44. RD - Approve Cspire Utility Permit / Stribling Road Ext. Click Here
        45. RD - Approve MCImetro Access Transmission Services Utility Permit / West County Line Road Click Here


          Sheila Jones, District 1 Supervisor

          1. URD Board Appointment
          2. Green Oak Lane

            Gerald Steen, District 3 Supervisor

            1. Discussion of Southwest Madison Fire Department Click Here

              Paul Griffin, District 5 Supervisor

              1. Discussion of Weather Siren
              2. Nominations to Aging Advisory Committee Click Here

                BUSINESS ITEMS:

                  Thad Varner, Butler Snow & Steve Pittman, Government Consultants

                  1. Resolution Declaring No Protest Click Here
                  2. Resolution Approving Distribution of Preliminary Official Statement Click Here
                  3. Bond Resolution Click Here

                    Gerald Steen, District 3 Supervisor

                    1. Road Bonds

                      Carol Anger, Owner Ranger Distributing Inc.

                      1. Request Abatement of Failure-to-File Penalty

                        Timothy Jenkins, Election Commission

                        1. Discussion of Voting Booths Click Here

                          Dr. Pollia Griffin, North Madison Economical Development Council

                              Carl Allen, Planning & Zoning Director

                              1. Approve Preliminary Plat The Town of Lost Rabbit, Phase II, Amended Click Here
                              2. Approve Preliminary Plat The Town of Lost Rabbit, Phase III Click Here
                              3. Approve Preliminary Plat The Town of Lost Rabbit, Phase B2 Click Here

                                Minor Norman, Emergency Management Director

                                1. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

                                  Katie Snell, Board Attorney

                                  1. Municipal Paving Policy Click Here
                                  2. Discussion of Reverse Auction

                                    Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                                    1. Discuss the Distribution of Additional Privilege Tax Payments in Accordance with Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-19-11 Click Here
                                    2. Consideration of Purchasing and Installing Maglocks and Cameras at Chancery Courthouse / Administration Building and Cameras at Circuit Courthouse Click Here
                                    3. Consideration of Bids for the Addition of a Chancery Courtroom and Renovations to Administrative Building Click Here
                                    4. Authorization to Advertise Setting Public Hearing for FY 2017-2018 Budget and Tax Levy Click Here

                                    Buddy Voelkel, Comptroller

                                    1. Approve Budget Amendments August 7,2017 Click Here
                                    2. Approve General Claiims Docket August 7, 2017 Click Here
                                    3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 July 26, 2017 Click Here
                                    4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 July 27,2017 Click Here
                                    5. Approve Payroll Docket 3, July 27,2017 Click Here
                                    6. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket August 4, 2017 Click Here
                                    7. Approve Constable Fees Click Here

                                    Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                                      Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                                        Old Business

                                          New Business