Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, MS



February 21, 2017
5:00 p.m.



    1. Approve February 6, 2017 Board Minutes



      1. Approve 16th Section Land Lease Contracts / Madison Click Here
      2. Acknowledge Dept of Revenue Order of Approval Click Here
      3. Acknowledge Circuit Court Order Regarding Supplemental Compensation / Juvenile Drug Court Public Defender Click Here
      4. Approve the Clerk of the Board Report Click Here
      5. Approve February 2017 Travel Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same Click Here
      6. Approve Use of Madison County Board Room / East Madison Water Asso Annual Meeting Click Here
      7. Approve and authorize payment of Law Enforcement Liability Insurance Premium – Regions Insurance Click Here
      8. Approve Use of Rogers Park Click Here
      9. Approve Final Plat / Links V of Caroline, Lots 824-847 Click Here
      10. Approve Final Plat / Dixon Pass Click Here
      11. Approve Use of Historic Courthouse Grounds Click Here
      12. Approve Request to Repair Sinkholes Click Here
      13. Approve General County Purchasing Cellular Data Services& Related Equipment From C-Spire on ITS State Contract (Except Sheriff's Dept) Click Here
      14. Approve Request to Void August 2015 Homestead Chargeback / James Allen Bolstad - #083D-20-088 Click Here
      15. Approve Request to Void 2016 Tax Sale of Homestead Chargeback Disallowance / Alan Wade Chester Click Here
      16. Approve Request to Void 2016 Tax Sale of Homestead Chargeback Disallowance & Reverse 2014 Homestead Chargeback Disallowance - Ora Lee Farmer Click Here
      17. Approve Request to Reverse 2015 Homestead Chargeback Disallowance / Charles Harold McGraw - #072H-28A-056 Click Here
      18. Approve Request to Void Tax Sale / #072E-22D-096/00.00 Click Here
      19. Request Authorization to Sign 45-day Notice of Waiver / Texas Eastern Transmission Click Here
      20. Approve Travel and Related Costs / Loretta Phillps & Clara Latiker - Human Resource Conference & Expo - Tupelo April 3-5, 2017 Click Here
      21. Approve 2016 Real Property Decreases Click Here
      22. Approve 2016 Amended Homestead Click Here
      23. Approve Reimbursement Request / From Various Fire Departments Click Here
      24. Approve Rally for Roosevelt 5K / Fun - Walk Click Here
      25. Request Authorization to Purchase Replacement Telephone System for Sheriff's Dept on ITS State Contract Click Here
      26. Approve Horseshoe Acres Amended Final Plat Click Here


        Colleen Wise

        1. Discussion / Bond - Street Repairs

          Trey Petro

          1. Discussion / Traffic - Gluckstadt Road

            Shelia Hill

            1. Discussion / Madison County Road Development - Hampton Hills


                Trey Baxter, President - Supervisor, District 2

                1. Road Plan Discussion

                  Paul Griffin - Supervisor, District 5

                  1. Consideration of Resolution in Support of Grant for Sulphur Springs Park Click Here
                  2. Consideration of Grant Application / 2017 Recreational Trails Program Click Here

                    BUSINESS ITEMS:

                      Steve Pittman, Government Consultants and Thad Varner, Butler Snow

                      1. Consideration of Resolution for Borrowing $10,000,000 Click Here

                        Alan R. Leach, Smith Shellnut Wilson

                        1. Investment Management Presentation Click Here

                          Hardy Crunk, Purchasing Clerk

                          1. Consideration of Right-of-Way Mowing & Spraying Proposals Click Here

                            Carl Allen, Planning and Zoning Administrator

                                Dan Gaillet, County Road Manager / County Engineer

                                1. Discussion / Revised Progress Schedule for Reunion & Highland Colony Parkway Click Here

                                  Katie Bryant Snell, Board Attorney

                                      Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                                      1. Discussion of Interior Courthouse Renovations Click Here
                                      2. Discussion of Conversion of Offices to Courtroom Click Here
                                      3. Discussion of Cupola Repairs Click Here
                                      4. South Central Works Appointment


                                      1. Approve Budget Amendments / February 21, 2017 Click Here
                                      2. Approve General Claims Docket / February 21, 2017 Click Here
                                      3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 / January 8, 2017 Click Here
                                      4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 / February 9, 2017 Click Here
                                      5. Approve Payroll Docket 3 / February 10, 2017 Click Here
                                      6. Approve Payroll Docket 4 / February 13, 2017 Click Here
                                      7. Approve Payroll Docket 5 / February 13, 2017 Click Here
                                      8. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket / February 21, 2017 Click Here
                                      9. Approval of Planning Commissioners' Per Diem Click Here

                                      Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                                        Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                                        1. Discussion of Psychiatric Services for Inmates Click Here

                                        Old Business

                                          New Business