Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, MS



June 19, 2017
5:00 p.m.



    1. Clarification of July 4th Holiday Click Here
    2. Approval of June 5th Minutes


      Jeff Terry, New Village Properties Homebuilder

      1. Request for Approval of Builders Affidavit - Saddlebrook Click Here

        Parvie Jones

        1. Drainage Issues on Tithelo Rd Click Here

          Jo Usry

          1. Meadowgreen Dr & N Deerfield Dr Click Here

            Earnest Clayton

            1. Drainage on Way Rd

              Teresa James

              1. Request Relief Related to Homestead Exemption

                Renee Chapman

                1. Right-of-Way to Greater Livingston Missionary Baptist Church


                    PUBLIC HEARING:

                      CONSENT ITEMS:

                      1. CA - Approve Personnel Items Click Here
                      2. Sheriff - Approve NCIC CAD DCS Maintenance Agreement Click Here
                      3. SW - Authorize Board President to Execute Grant Agreement for Solid Waste Assistance with MDEQ Click Here
                      4. SW - Authorize Board President to Execute Grant Agreement for Waste Tire Collection with MDEQ Click Here
                      5. Constable - Authorize Purchase of Ammunition for Constables Click Here
                      6. Road - Authorize Board President to Execute Invoice to MDOT for Mowing Services Click Here
                      7. Road - Approve Utility Permit Applications / cSpire - Yandell Rd; AT&T Stribling Rd & Lake Caroline Click Here
                      8. 911 - Approve Naming of Private Road - Hawkins Hill Place Click Here
                      9. PC - Approve June 2017 Travel Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same Click Here
                      10. B&G - Approve Use of Rogers Park / Thomas Click Here
                      11. B&G - Approve Use of Rogers Park / Bradfield Click Here
                      12. B&G - Approve Use of Rogers Park / Carter Click Here
                      13. B&G - Approve Use of Rogers Park / Humphrey Click Here
                      14. B&G - Approve Use of Rogers Park / Wilson Click Here
                      15. B&G - Approve Request for Refund - Rogers Park - Travis Click Here
                      16. Comp - Declare Certain Inventory Items as Surplus and Authorize Deletion and Subsequent Sale Click Here
                      17. Comp - Approve Clerk of the Board Report Click Here
                      18. TA - Approve Contract and Authorize Board President to Execute Contract for ESRI Inc Software Maintenance Click Here
                      19. TA - Approve Contract and Authorize Board President to Execute Contract for Tri-State Consulting Service Training Click Here
                      20. TA - Approve 2016 Homestead Amended Applications Click Here
                      21. TA - Approve 2016 Homestead Deletions Applications Click Here
                      22. TA - Approve 2016 Personal Property Decreases Click Here
                      23. TA - Approve 2016 Personal Property Increases Click Here
                      24. TA - Acknowledge 2016 Real Property Increase Click Here
                      25. TA - Acknowledge 2016 Real Property Decreases Click Here
                      26. TA - Acknowledge Various Years Real Property Increases Click Here


                        Sheila Jones, District 1

                        1. Gluckstadt Fire Station 3 - Value Engineering Items
                        2. Budget Hearings

                          Gerald Steen, District 3

                          1. Reunion Interchange

                            Paul Griffin, District 5

                            1. Hwy 17 Traffic Safety

                              BUSINESS ITEMS:

                                Thad Varner, Butler Snow & Steve Pittman, Government Consultants

                                1. Engagement Resolution Click Here
                                2. Intent to Issue Bonds Resolution Click Here
                                3. Defeasance of Bonds

                                  Leroy Lacy, Election Commission Vice-Chairman

                                  1. Request to Use Boardroom - Election Commission Training

                                    Danny Lee, Building & Grounds Director

                                    1. Approve Topography Survey by HD Lang- SW Madison Fire Station Click Here

                                      Dan Gaillet, County Road Manager/ County Engineer

                                      1. Reunion Parkway Click Here
                                      2. Yandell Rd - Request for Additional Construction Time Click Here
                                      3. Amend Agreement with Jim Hust for Assistance with State Aid Projects - Livingston, Permenter Click Here
                                      4. Amend Agreement with Jim Hust for Assistance with State Aid Projects - Dobson, Moss, Gus Green, Cane Creek Click Here
                                      5. Approve Easement Agreement in Ashbrooke Subdivision Click Here

                                        Jim Hust, State-Aid Engineer

                                        1. Award Contract to NL Carson Construction Co - Dinkins St Bridge Click Here

                                          Carl Allen, Planning & Zoning Director

                                          1. Approve Site Plan / Perfect Shot Indoor Gun Range - Hwy 22 Click Here
                                          2. Approve Preliminary Plat - Camden Point III of Caroline Click Here
                                          3. Approve Expansion of Previously Approved Mining Operations - Hwy 43 & Goodloe Rd Click Here
                                          4. Approve Conditional Use for Mining Operation - Stokes Rd Click Here

                                            Minor Norman, Emergency Management Director

                                            1. Authorize Relocation of Emergency Siren to Mannsdale School
                                            2. Authorize Declaration as Surplus, Removal, and Subsequent Sale/Scrap of Communications Tower on Hwy 463

                                              Katie Bryant Snell, Board Attorney

                                              1. Smoke-Free Ordinance Click Here

                                                Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                                                1. Approve Contract for Engineering Services - Mendrop Engineering - Gluckstadt Fire Station 3 Click Here
                                                2. Approve Hiring of Appraiser for County Building in Madison

                                                Buddy Voelkel, Comptroller

                                                1. Budget Amendments and Interfund Transfers Click Here
                                                2. Approve General Claims Docket June 19, 2017 Click Here
                                                3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 June 6 2017 Click Here
                                                4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 June 13, 2017 Click Here
                                                5. Approve Payroll Docket 3 June 14, 2017 Click Here
                                                6. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket June 16, 2017 Click Here
                                                7. Approve Planning and Zoning Commission Per diem Click Here
                                                8. Approve Lost Rabbit URD fee payment to the bond trustee US Bank in the amount of $80,356.58 Click Here

                                                Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                                                  Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                                                    Old Business

                                                      New Business

                                                      1. Acknowledge and Authorize Execution Of Notice of Intent to Apply For MS Home Corp Tax Credit Financing Click Here