Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, MS



May 15, 2017
5:00 p.m.



      Amy Surmeli

      1. Discussion / Lot Cleaning - 300 & 302


        1. Approve May 1, 2017 Board Minutes
        2. Scholarship Presentation - Breanna Horn (District 5)
        3. Scholarship Presentation - Shaylyn Taylor (District 4)


        1. Appeal Hearing - Chestnut Hills Click Here


        1. HR-Approve Personnel Matters Click Here
        2. Coroner-Approve Payment of Registration Fees-MS Coroner/Medical Examiner Assoc - Joel Shows Click Here
        3. Coroner-Approve Payment of Registration Fees-MS Coroner/Medical Examiner Assoc - Alex Breeland Click Here
        4. TA-Approve TempStaff Services Agreement Click Here
        5. TA-Budget Amendment & Personnel Matters - Tax Assessor Click Here
        6. PC-Approve May 2017 Travel Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same Click Here
        7. Comptroller-Approve Credit Application for Hartley Click Here
        8. Comptroller-Declare Surplus Property, Authorize Removal from Inventory and Authorize Disposal Click Here
        9. Comptroller-Approve Payment of Registration Fees -Fraud Risk in Gov / Jay Hilliard (2 classes) Click Here
        10. Sheriff-Approve Maintenance Agreement & Authorize Payment in the Amount of 6,105 to Axon Enterprise for Annual Taser Plan Click Here
        11. CA-Acknowledge Correspondence / Thank you letter Click Here
        12. CA-Acknowledge Lake Lorman Utility District Financial Statements / Years Ended October 31, 2016 and 2015 Click Here
        13. CA-Acknowledge National Memorial Day / Jefferson Davis' Birthday Holiday / May 29, 2017 Click Here
        14. CA-Approve Payment of Registration Fees - Professional Development -Shelton Vance & Jay Hilliard Click Here
        15. CA-Approve Request to Void/Reverse Redemption of 2014 Homestead Chargeback -Redeemed 1/20/2017 Click Here
        16. CA - Approval of Soak up the Sun Triathlon 2017 – MS Race Management Click Here
        17. CA-Acknowledge Order of Compensation and Authorize Payment / Special Masters and Attorneys Click Here
        18. CA-Approve Travel & Payment of Related Expenses to MCDEMA Conf for Emerg Mgt Dir, Deputy Dir, or Dir Asst Click Here
        19. B&G-Approve Use of Rogers Park / Smith Click Here
        20. B&G-Approve Use of Rogers Park / Johnson Click Here
        21. CE-Approve Utility Permit / Stribling Road Ext Click Here
        22. CE-Approve Utility Permit / Old Jackson Road Click Here
        23. CE-Approve Utility Permit / Industrial Drive North Click Here


          David Bishop - Supervisor, District 4

          1. Road Bonding

            Gerald Steen - Supervisor, District 3

            1. Approve De-Annexation Resolution of the Southwest Madison County Fire Protection District Click Here
            2. Emergency Management / 911 Director

              BUSINESS ITEMS:

                Dr. Tom Logue, Veterans Services

                1. Annual Veteran Service Officer's Update Click Here

                  Chancery Clerk Ronny Lott, Circuit Clerk Anita Wray, & Tax Collector Kay Pace

                  1. Approval of Replacement Credit Card Vendor Contract Click Here

                    Tom Lariviere, Emergency Management Director

                    1. Consider Architectural Proposals for Southwest Madison Fire Station Click Here
                    2. Approval of Contract with Womack Construction and Authorize Notice to Proceed Click Here
                    3. Approve Amendment to the 16th Section Other Classification Lease Contract to Southwest Madison Fire Protection District & Authorize Payment / $1,580 Click Here

                      Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                      1. Discussion of Cupola Repair Bid Click Here
                      2. Proposed Letter to City of Canton Click Here
                      3. Discuss Facade of 146 West Center Street
                      4. Approve Contract and Notice to Proceed - Yandell Road Fire Station - Richard Womack Construction, LLC Click Here

                      Buddy Voelkel, Comptroller

                      1. Approve Budget Amendments / May 15, 2017 Click Here
                      2. Approve General Claims Docket / May 15, 2017 Click Here
                      3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 / May 2, 2017 Click Here
                      4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 / May 4, 2017 Click Here
                      5. Approve Payroll Docket 3 / May 10, 2017 Click Here
                      6. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket / May 15, 2017 Click Here

                      Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                        Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                          Old Business

                            New Business

                            1. Consider Request for Joint Meeting with MCEDA